The Great Horn Travel Guide

In my youth I spent a short time with a well known travel guide publisher, who shall remain unnamed, my employment consisted of the arduous task of replying to our faithful subscriber's letters of complaint. So, as you can imagine, when a dozen of our best journalists were caught in the, well documented, "Fernhart War" and subsequently executed as spies and I was suddenly promoted to travel writer, I was ecstatic. In my excited ignorance I accepted, immediately, the first destination that slid across my desk, without an ounce of research into why it had been turned down by other writers so often.

I left the office the very next day with nothing but my journalist's pass, a sum of monies from my employee and a large hunting knife from my mother. Unbeknownst to me I had began my journey to the most grubbiest of isles, Great Horn . My experiences there would leave me mentally, emotionally and actually physically scarred for the rest of my life, herein is my account of my awful experiences in the hope it may prevent others from repeating my most regrettable adventure.

Munk Clamtrap, "The Island of Great Horn; My Terrible Journey"


The Great Horn Travel Guide


Chapter one

South Horn



The Great Horn Travel Guide

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